Kayl Cocks



Kayl Cocks is a Sydney-based artist and digital musician. He grew up in Perth where he attended the Freemantle Arts Centre, located in the Old Fremantle Prison. He started writing music around 1997 as part of alternative rock outfit called ASTRO TURF and gigged for a few years before forming late-night duo with grand master magician Louis Inglis. He says, “ I was working with Louis on a follow up CD when the world imploded and I was admitted to hospital.”

Kayl moved to Sydney in 2000  and continued working on his art and music. He exhibited in the Caught in the Gap, Dual Diagnosis Awareness campaign at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Professor Marie Bashir opened this exhibition and was presented with one of Kayl’s works.

Over the last decade, Kayl has focused on Trans Dimensional Cubism. He exhibited at Hypmotive in 2018 and 2019.  He continues to learn new software and create music, which he dedicates to a South African badger he saw on a nature documentary. The badger managed to pull through after being thrown out of his burrow as a baby, then survived a snake bite and grew into a healthy young male but was then attacked and killed by an older male badger.  You can find examples of Kayl's art on For Badger or listen to some music samples from Peace Kitten Goes to the Park on Spotify.  

Kayl invites his audiences to immerse themselves in his art and music, to  draw on their imagination and free their thoughts from dimensional constraints. Over the next year, Outlandish Arts will license more of Kayl's designs to add to the Macky collection.


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